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Furniture euro screws

Furniture euro screws11.04.2023

Furniture screws are good fasteners in particleboard and plywood. They provide good retention in these soft materials due to their special design.

- Ideal for use in the furniture industry
- It can also be used in cases and other box structures.

Installation steps

1. Select the correct size of furniture screws and drill bit. The size of the screw and bit depends on the thickness of the material being fastened.
2. Use an electric drill to drill a hole in both parts of the material to be fixed.
3. Place the tip of the screw into the material. The screw must be long enough to grab two pieces of material.
4. Install the drill bit with the appropriate screwdriver in the screw head. Adjust drill speed to a relatively low level.
5. Slowly drill a screw in the hole until the head is flush with the surface of the material.