Mirror Lake Reflecting Wooden House in Middle of Lake Overlooking Mountain Ranges


DSK 00-01
DSK 00-01

Quality policy

TIC 15 100 169612
TIC 15 100 169612

ISO compliance

Limited Liability Company "Mehmash" manufactures self-tapping screws, which have a wide range of applications, both in the furniture and construction industries as a fastener element for wood, drywall, plastic, metal, and also concrete products due to the strength achieved as a result of heat treatment.

The products are manufactured using Taiwanese wire technology, which is made of a special steel grade using the SAIP process. The company has the best automatic equipment from leading manufacturers in Taiwan.


  • Use of modern high-tech equipment manufactured in Taiwan;
  • Availability of qualified engineering and technical personnel, as well as technological support by the equipment manufacturer's specialists;
  • Availability of a full production cycle, from the production of steel wire to the packaging of finished products;
  • High quality products, availability of modern laboratory equipment made in Japan for quality control.