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Employer: Mehmash LLC
Place of work: Regions (Andijan)

Sales Representative Responsibilities:
- Maintenance and expansion of the customer base in the allotted territory (shops and organizations);
- Visiting points of sale according to the schedule (according to the schedule);
- Studying the situation on the market: prices of competitors, assortment, emergence of new types of products, etc.;
- Ensuring the availability of a range of company products in each store;
- Advising on goods in stores, familiarization with new products;
- Placement of advertising materials of the company at points of sale;
- Assistance in selling the company's products to store owners;
- Carrying out advertising campaigns if necessary;
- Work with local craftsmen;
- Providing management with a report on the work done and market analysis.
Contact phone: (94)1527755, (94)5285951
- You can send applications and resumes to @Mehmash_hr or
You can register via @MEXMASH_HR_bot