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Sandvich panel screws

Sandvich panel screws11.04.2023

Installation is carried out properly, using professional tools is extremely important.
For the correct and safe use of building fasteners, always follow all the instructions listed in this operator's manual.
Basic Rules:
• The instruction manual applies only to original Mexmash products accepting the manufacturer's logo, which allows them to be identified;
• The use of self-tapping screws must be confirmed by a fastening plan made on the basis of the entire building data;
• When implementing the fastening plan, observe the installation parameters and take into account the stresses on the joints indicated in the current approval or technical assessment issued for the product;
• Comply with applicable laws and standards when implementing the fastening plan;
• The recommendations of the manufacturer of the sandwich panels must be taken into account;
• The number and type of screws must comply with the information given in the mounting plan;
• Only use tools that are equipped with clutch adjustment;
• Products may only be used for their intended purpose.