About Us

Mexmash Limited Liability Company (LLC) is located in the city of Namangan, Uzbekistan and was founded in 1982 as a structural unit of the research and production association Vostok.

In 1995, in accordance with the order of the Namangan regional department of the State Property Committee, the company began operating as Mexmash JSC. At the end of 2003, it was privatized. In 2016 the company was transformed into Mexmash LLC.

As a result of measures taken by the Government of the Republic to support entrepreneurs and create conditions for development, the company has done a lot of work to modernize the existing production facilities. As a result, the increase in workplaces at the company in comparison with 2003 was 200%, and the turnover increased more than 30 times. As a result of the modernization project, modern equipment was installed and new types of products were set up.

One of such projects is the organization of production of steel pipes in 2009. Currently, the company produces more than one hundred kinds of steel pipes of round, rectangular, square and oval cross-section with various dimensions of diameter and wall thickness. The company has high-tech equipment that meets strict standards and allows producing products of high quality.

Since 2015, the production of modern screws (self-tapping screws), intended for fixing gypsum boards to metal profiles, has been launched. Such screws allow to fasten wooden, plastic and metal sheets without preliminary drilling. At present, the production complex of screws has production capacities, which are backed up by Taiwan equipment. This makes possible to produce high-quality products in a wide range of types and forms.

Over the period 2007-2015, the production of more than a dozen new products was mastered:

1. Equipment for breeding useful insects, 2007.

2. Seeder, chisel, NRU and other agricultural machinery, 2008.

3. Steel pipes, 2009

4. Industrial and farm greenhouses, 2010

5. Foundry products, 2010

6. Mobile racks, 2011

7. Incubators, 2012

8. Steel wire and building nails, 2012

9. Conveyor rollers, 2012

10. Tapestries for vineyards, 2013

11. Screws (self-tapping screws), 2015

Priority direction of the company's activity is the production of steel pipes and screws. Also, the enterprise carries out production, installation and commissioning of automated industrial greenhouse complexes and equipment for breeding useful insects (Bracon (wasp), Trichogramma and Lacewings).

Nowadays, the company employs over 170 people. The territory of the plant is 6.84 hectares, more than one third of which is a production area.

In 2010 the company received the certificate of the standard of the quality management system ISO: 9001: 2008. This was preceded by the enormous work of management and specialists in the improvement of the quality management system, the automation of managerial and production processes, the introduction of a quality management system, installation and implementation of quality control equipment for products.

At present, the process of modernization of production lines and equipment continues, as well as the reconstruction of buildings and structures. The management of the company sets as its goal the improvement of working conditions, the improvement of service systems, the increase of motivation for the uninterrupted production of quality products.