ОАО "Мехмаш" Производство металлических конструкций, теплицы

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Welcome to the website of Open Joint Stock Company "MEXMASH". Our company was established in 1982 on the basis of scientific production association.  In 1995, it was reorganized into open joint stock company. Currently, the company is one of the leading manufacturers of welded steel pipes and various metal structures. The plant is specialized in production of the following products: 

  •    welded steel pipes; 
  •    automatic industrial and domestic greenhouse complexes; 
  •    Egg incubators;
  •    Different agricultural machinery; 
  •    biological laboratories to control pests of plants; 
  •    other  metal products; 

The entire manufacturing process obeys to a strict algorithm; each site of production is designed for high-quality and productive work. 
 Manufacturing Process begins from product design. Striving to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, we have gathered a team of engineers and highly qualified designers, who are constantly working to develop optimal design of new forms and elements. Designs are made in modern equipments using specialized computer software. 

The plant has enough production facilities, which allows fulfilling any product orders at high technical level and within appropriate time frame, regardless the complexity and quantity. The total area of our factory is 4 ha, of which 19 000 m ² is occupied by industrial buildings. 
Engineering - technical personnel of our factory consists of more than 30 experienced professionals, designers, engineers and production managers. Production workshops have spans, each of which is equipped with an overhead crane lifting capacity from 5 to 35 tons. The enterprise includes such units as: 
 - pretreatment site – is equipped with all necessary equipments for cutting, felling and harvesting other work - it's leafy and shaped "scissors", roll, band saws, machines and thermal plasma cutting with CNC and other equipment; 
 - mechanical site - this site has a drilling machine, lathe and turning, vertical and horizontal milling machines, as well as screw-cutting machine tools; 
 - painting pretreatment site - equipped with blasting equipment; 
 - painting workshop - equipped with air and airless painting equipments. 

QC Department monitors the production process and the quality of each product. After welding (welded beams, pipes), all seams are checked by computer control in defectoscope.  

Warehouse of raw material (metal) and finished products, including non-standard ones, is equipped with two gantry cranes and three 7 ton bridge cranes with lifting capacity of 20 tons. 

In addition to designing and manufacturing, we provide quality installation of steel structures. Skilled technicians carry out installation within shortest period of time: we have specialized equipments and everything needed for installation. The operating life of the entire structure as well as the safety of people depends on the quality of installation, so we must meet strict requirements for the installation process and for construction - assembly works. 
The plant also receives orders for designing and manufacturing of metal structures. The works of constructors and designers is considered to be the most critical part of the development, design and production of such products. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of the design bureau of our factory, we are successfully developing complex design of metal construction for their subsequent production and commissioning. It is possible to order non-standard metal, made from combinations of different materials: glass, polycarbonate, wood.

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